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Microwave technology, or MwT, a recognized Leader in Design, Manufacturing, and Marketing of GaAs and GaN Based MMICs, Discrete Devices, and Hybrid Amplifier Products for Commercial Wireless Communication, Defense, Space, and Medical (MRI) Applications.

Proprietary Technology Employed by Microwave Technology for Device Reliability and Performance

With years of experience, track record and deep understanding of GaAs and GaN based semiconductor devices, MMIC’s, hybrid amplifier products, MwT supplies high quality wireless and microwave products worldwide that meet stringent technical requirements with excellent reliability at competitive cost.

As RF microwave distributors, we are a leading U.S. based merchant manufacturer of discrete Gallium Arsenide diodes and transistors (FETs, pHEMTs, and Gunn Diodes).

Quality Certifications of Emerges-lite as RF Microwave Distributors

Early work focusing on device reliability resulted in proprietary metallization systems which make Microwave technology, or MwT’s devices impervious to hydrogen contamination, now an item of great concern to the high-reliability industry.

As RF microwave distributors, our devices employ proprietary epi material and quarter micron recessed gate process technology, which result in highly linear (+48dBm IP3 in a 1W P-1dB Wireless Amp) and low phase noise (-125dBc @ 100 KHz Offset in a 17.5GHz DRO) de-vices with power outputs ranging from 10 milliwatts to 5 watts.

Applications of Microwave Technology's Products: Commercial Wireless Communication

Our devices, sold as chips or in packages, find wide use in the amplification of signals from 10 MHz to 40 GHz in the transmission or reception of information in wireless infrastructure systems, industrial RF applications, and in various defence and space electronics.

Is the region of South East Asia, microwave technology products can be supported by their local Representative , Emerges-lite Pte Ltd. Emerges has been a trusted quality partner to many in the Asia Pacific Regions for decades.

Emerges-lite as Local Representative for Microwave Technology in South East Asia

Emerges-lite, as RF microwave distributors, is an IAQG-Registered Aerospace Electronics Distributor with AS9120 certified for Quality Management System for Aerospace and ISO9001 certified for Quality Management for operation.

Emerge-lite has many years of experiences in designing Radio Frequency Products and is capable and well known products knowledge for microwave technology products.

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