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Ranatec RF Shield Boxes: Customizable, High-Performance Solutions by Emerges-lite Singapore

Emerges-lite Singapore is the representative for Ranatec which offers fully customizable RF Shield Boxes solutions with good RF shielding performance covering all cellular (2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G), WiFi, and Bluetooth frequency bands. The RF Shield Boxes can be equipped with various interface configurations, digital and analog.

Versatile Applications in Telecommunications, Defense, Aerospace, and Automotive Industries

Most of the RF Shield Boxes are 19″rack-mountable with a convenient eject function and can be easily operated with one hand open-and-close using the front handle. All RF Shield boxes are optimized for maximum space efficiency, minimizing the non-usable space in height in the 19” rack. The difference between outer and inner dimensions in height is only 8 mm.

Comprehensive RF Shielding for Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth Frequency Bands

Ranatec offers a variety of shielded AC, LAN, USB, and HDMI Feedthru Filters with good filter suppression performance overall mobile frequency bands to use with RF Shield Boxes.


Designed for high shielding over all cellular mobile frequency bands making it suitable for applications such as Cellular mobile phone test, Base station transceiver test, Cellular network test, Wireless semiconductor test, WLAN/Bluetooth/ZigBee/WiMax device test and Customized RF Shield box.


Convenient Design and Space Efficiency for Seamless Integration

Our RF Shield boxes are built on a scalable and flexible platform, both in regards to R&D and manufacturing, which enables fully custom RF shield box solutions at a very competitive price.

The RF shield box price of a custom build can vary greatly depending on several different factors including the Shape and size of the RF Shield box, Shielding attributes of the box, Construction material used for the box, Adjustments for power outlets (AC, DC), Adjustments for ventilation features (vents, fans), Adjustments for interface connectors (LAN, USB, TNC). The RF Shield Boxes can optionally be equipped with active ventilation and internal

RF foam coating.

Shielded AC, LAN, USB, and HDMI Feedthru Filters for Enhanced Performance

Ranatec's products include test and measurement equipment such as filters, amplifiers, and converters, as well as software and accessories for these devices. Their products are used in a variety of industries including telecommunications, defense, aerospace, and automotive.

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