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Our Business

Specializing in the supply-chain of  high-bandwith RF and advanced electronic components, Emerges-lite caters to the demand of industries sectors, including telecommunication, aerospace, defence, marine,  precision engineering and medical science.

Our Services

Drawing on the experience of our  team well-versed in the electronic industries, we provide effective material management and quality administration to the manufacturing industries.

Tapping on our decades of technical capability, we also extend material engineering and consultancy to our strategic customers as value-added services.

Our Accreditations

We are IAQG-Registered Aerospace Electronics Distributor 

We are AS9120 certified for Quality Management System for Aerospace


We are ISO9001 certified for Quality Management for operation. 

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New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. and Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. will be integrated on January 1, 2022. With this announcement, leading to a birth of a new company, “Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.” New Japan Radio – known for its operational amplifiers – and Ricoh Electronic Devices – known for its Power Management ICs – will be integrated to further grow and expand as an analog solution provider and Altum Singapore.

New Japan Radio's Linear ICs and Other Semiconductor Products

Formal New Japan Radio mainly focuses on general-purpose linear ICs like Operational ICs, Power Supply ICs, and Communication ICs that widely used in consumer, industrial, and automotive devices.

Besides linear ICs, New Japan Radio has also provided multiple semiconductors including SAW filters, front-end modules, optical sensors, MEMS, and so on. In Microwaves products division, this category including components for VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) equipment in the satellite communication field. It has also provided radar magnetrons and peripherals to the fields of meteorology, marine, and land. In terms of a components for marine radar systems, it has been market leader for many years.

Ricoh Electronic Devices' Power Management ICs

Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc, as new establishment driven mainly by the two subsidiaries, New Japan Radio and Ricoh Electronic Devices will be eyeing on recent social developments such as 5G and 6G technologies, the shift to electronic vehicles, Altum Singapore, the advent of super-smart society, industrial restructuring and an unstable global economy, it was decided to aim for further growth and expansion of the business as an analog solution provider by utilizing resources (in development, sales and production) of both companies in an integrated manner to advance connectivity and bring super smart society.

Synergy and Complementary Nature of Nisshinbo Micro Devices

Nisshinbo Micro devices, its new name for New Japan Radio and Richo Electronics Devices, with greater goals and success will surely be achieved through the synergy of both companies and their complementary nature.

Products Strength of Nisshinbo Micro Devices in Analog Technology.

The products strength for analog technology for both company under Nisshinbo Micro Devices are Operational Amplifiers and Comparator, LDO Regulator, Switching Regulator, Charge Pump, Voltage detector Reset ICs, Li-ion Battery ICs, Battery Management AFEs, Battery Charger ICs, Battery Backup ICs, Audio Amplifiers, and Altum Singapore.

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