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Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. has been manufacturing and providing electronic devices/microwave products for over 60 years and is one of the leading “Analog solution provider” focusing on Energy Management and Signal Processing as core analog technology, represented by operational amplifiers, power management ICs for Automotive, Industrial and Consumer equipment.

Value-added Services Offered by Emerges-lite as Nisshinbo Distributor

As the Nisshinbo distributor, Emerges-lite has been in the market for over three decade and we have been Nisshinbo micro devices provider for more than two decades.  

As Nisshinbo distributor, Emerges-lite is also specializing in the supply-chain of high-bandwidth RF, advanced electronic components, and Teledyne products. Emerges-lite caters to the demand of industries sectors, including telecommunication, aerospace, defence, marine, precision engineering and medical science.

Drawing on the experience of the Emerges-lite team, we are well-versed in the electronic industries and Teledyne products, in providing effective material management and quality administration to the manufacturing industries.

Tapping on our decades of technical capability, Emerges-lite, Nisshinbo distributor, also extend material engineering and consultancy to our strategic customers as value-added services.

New Product Releases by Nisshinbo: LDO Regulator and Power Management ICs

Recent new products release especially for LDO regulator and Power Management ICs, has benefit new design in Automotive, Industrial and Consumer market. Some of the production introduction namely NR1640, NJW4106, NJW4106 and R1560.

A power management multi-channel IC contains multiple DC/DC switching regulators, LDO linear regulators, and various power management functions in a single chip, and is usually abbreviated as PMIC.

Benefits of PMICs: Power Consumption Optimization and Protection of FPGAs and SoCs

The multi-channel PMICs are high-density power management system ICs. The flexible sequence control and output voltages enable the PMICs to correspond to multi-core application processors which require high-accuracy sequence control functions.

For applications powered by a 1-cell Li-ion battery, we recommend the RN5T618 and the RC5T619, PMICs with a charging function and a fuel gauge is highly recommended.

Quality Certifications of Emerges-lite as Nisshinbo Distributor

In general, a PMIC is made to be optimized for a specific system by integrating multiple power supplies necessary for the system in a single chip.

Also, by controlling power-supply on/off sequences, a PMIC can not only optimize power consumption but also protect FPGAs and SoCs from malfunction caused by such as inrush current and latch-up, or from being damaged by wrong power input orders.

Nisshinbo distributor, Emerges-lite is an IAQG-Registered Aerospace Electronics Distributor with AS9120 certified for Quality Management System for Aerospace and ISO9001 certified for Quality Management for operation.





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