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Data Converters

Teledyne e2v offers you high-performance, high-reliability semiconductor solutions, which help you solve the most demanding problems of your complete signal chain. With a range of electronics and packaging solutions, we cater to applications in the space, military, civil avionics, industrial, medical and scientific markets. When you want the best ICs to give you winning systems Teledyne e2v Semiconductors has the solutions you need.

Many of Teledyne e2v’s integrated circuits are developed through strategic partnerships with companies such as NXP, Micron and others. In addition, Teledyne e2v Semiconductors provides a range of specially qualified versions of many standardized electronic products. We can also develop customized integrated circuit or multi-chip module solutions to meet your specific qualifications or environmental requirements.

Your electronic systems need the best IC technology to enable high-performance, high-reliability, broadband RF solutions for your receivers, transmitters and exciters. Teledyne e2v brings you state-of-the-art broadband data converters in advanced bipolar, CMOS and BiCMOS processes. Converting analog signals directly from RF to digital with our ADCs and directly from digital to RF with our DACs allows you to design simpler, more reliable high-performance systems and benefit from programmability and flexibility of those systems.

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors offers you a range of semiconductor services, including high-reliability assembly and test, high-performance package design and long-term mission support with Semiconductor Lifecycle Management under our SLiM™ brand. When your electronic system needs go beyond the performance and reliability available in the market, we can offer you our semiconductor services to design new solutions or upscreen, package, reball and test existing ICs and MCMs. Our design, manufacturing and test facility in Grenoble France is staffed and equipped to assure you the highest reliability solutions compliant with demanding standards for performance, quality, reliability and extended life.

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