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Teledyne e2v Semiconductors

Teledyne e2v has an enviable history of employing some of the best minds who work with industry and academia in commercialising technologies of the future, developing high quality products, services and turn-key solutions produced through our world class global facilities that have real benefit to the world. We have a global footprint of offices and centres of excellence designing and manufacturing in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and China.

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors , part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, is a Teledyne Technologies Inc. company. This unique global organisation brings an assurance to our people and our customers of equality, diversity, inclusion, longevity, continuity, quality, ethics and integrity that is not easily matched.

Critical applications in aerospace, defense and space markets demand reliable, high performance computing capacity and compatible memory solutions. Teledyne e2v Semiconductors gives you both. With our gigahertz clock rate, low power, CMOS multicore microprocessors featuring proven reliability, extended temperature range operation, robust packaging and radiation testing you can meet your computing requirements and our companion DDR4 memory modules provide high capacity, high transfer rate storage in very small packages. You can also benefit from the combination of our high-performance microprocessor and DDR4 memories mounted together on an easy-to-use, fully-tested module called Qormino.

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