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Altum RF concentrates on the development of devices that meet the requirements of increased power, higher frequency, greater bandwidth, and further integration. Altum RF designs and develops a broad range of high performance RF products for commercial and industrial applications, with strategic roadmaps to rapidly expand our product portfolio. Using proven technologies like leading-edge GaAs or GaN, Altum RF is able to deliver optimal products in terms of RF performance, level of integration and cost.

In Altum Singapore, Emerges-lite is the representative for Altum RF Products. Altum Singapore Representative Emerges-lite is an IAQG-Registered Aerospace Electronics Distributor with AS9120 certified for Quality Management System for Aerospace and ISO9001 certified for Quality Management for operation. Altum Singapore representative Emerges-lite has many years of experiences in designing Radio Frequency Products and is capable and well known products knowledge for radio frequency microwave products.


Altum RF offer a growing portfolio of high-power and high-efficiency amplifiers, distributed amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches and phase shifters and provide superior technical support to achieve unique solutions for demanding requirements


In Telecom and 5G millimeter–wave applications demand extreme requirements for front-end components. Technically, the highest efficiency and linearity are needed for transmit, and in receive mode, the lowest noise figure is required. Low-cost and high-volume manufacturing capability are mandatory for commercial application. Altum RF delivers optimal wireless infrastructure solutions based on an optical GaAs process from a high-volume, pure-play foundry. Altum RF enables cost-effective solutions with high performance and small form-factor to achieve excellent RF performance.


Satellite communications (SatCom) is a critical component of today’s commercial and military applications. Altum RF is well-positioned to support stringent design requirements and deliver leading-edge components for SatCom applications, such as VSAT geostationary systems and low earth orbit systems.


Next-generation electronic test and measurement products require small form-factor with increased functionality and performance. Altum RF’s decades of experience designing microwave and millimeter-wave components enable us to develop a family of broadband solutions for this market. Whether power amplifiers, distributed amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches or phase shifters, our growing portfolio of products ideally suit test and measurement equipment manufacturers’ requirements and needs.


Next-generation’s aerospace and defence (A&D) systems require the highest-performance and most-reliable products for applications such as AESA and phased-array radar, broadband communications, electronic warfare, and missile guidance. For radar applications, Altum RF offers a wide range of S– and X–band components.  Altum RF works with advanced foundries that use proven technologies such as GaAs, GaN, or SiGe to meet this market’s requirements.



Altum Singapore Representative Emerges-lite has been a leading design house in this area that work side-by-side with our customers to deliver innovative solutions that achieve size, weight, power (SWaP) and cost advantages.

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